• Welcome to ViolinPractice.com

    Welcome to ViolinPractice.com

    Welcome ViolinPractice.com! Our extensive video library supports violin students, teachers and parents in developing musicianship through effective and creative practice.

    Rebecca Henry and Phyllis Freeman

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  • ViolinPractice Method

    ViolinPractice Method

    A comprehensive, online violin method that integrates the development of technique and musicianship through a sequence of repertoire and supporting videos.

    • Sequential Repertoire
    • Guided Practice Videos - makes home practice easier!
    • Performance Practice Videos - with piano accompaniment.
    • Warm Ups, Musicianship and Theory
    • Lesson Observations
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  • ViolinPractice Pedagogy

    ViolinPractice Pedagogy

    Explanation of pedagogical principles and practice suggestions for skill development and repertoire. Videos are organized by:

    • Topic (Vibrato, Bow Strokes, etc.)
    • Composer
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  • Print Materials

    Print Materials

    • VP Practice Printouts
    • Practice Charts
    • Repertoire Lists
    • Articles
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  • Performances


    • Quality performances of standard repertoire by students of all ages.
    • Performances by professionals.
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Featured ViolinPractice Method Videos
Featured ViolinPractice Pedagogy Videos