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  • Welcome to the BETA edition of!  Violin students, parents and teachers will find support in developing musicianship through effective and creative practice. The ViolinPractice Method contains videos and other materials to guide students in their daily practice and the ViolinPractice Pedagogy Video Series provides detailed demonstrations and explanations of pedagogical principals.

    Rebecca Henry and Phyllis Freeman

    Featured ViolinPractice Method Videos
    A1.1 Warm Up #2, Play Position
    2ViolinPractice Method                              NEXT PAGEA1.1.GP.WU.2a ViolinPractice Pedagogycoming soon.... Lesson Observation
    A1.2 PP, First Songs at Tempo, 3rd
    Practice performing First Songs in G, D, A and E, at tempo with the 3rd fingerGuided Practice Pages: StudentGo to the next exercise in this series.A1.2.GP.PPT.2a
    A1.2 Student Performance: Ant Song
    A student performs "Ant Song"Click here to proceed to the next step in this series.
    A1.1 Skills & Drills: Pinky
    Pizzicato with the pinky finger, 10 times on each string.  G-D-A-EClick here to return to the Student Practice GuideClick here to proceed to the next video.A1.1.GP.SD.1aGuided Practice  
    Guided Practice: Open A Martelé
    Guided Practice Video:  Practice your open A string martelé bow stroke!    Watch the ViolinPractice Pedagogy video on upper half martelé bow stroke
    Featured ViolinPractice Pedagogy Videos
    Pedagogy: Bow Placement at the Frog
    Understand the proper balance and position of the bow at the frog.
    Pedagogy: "Pinky Plucks"
    Shifting Warm Up: Travel up the entire string and strengthen the left pinky.
    Pedagogy: Shifting "I Like Ice
    An early shifting exercise.
    Pedagogy: "Swing and
    This exercise focuses on developing mobility in the left elbow. Lesson Observation on Swing and Pizz
    Pedagogy: Magic "X",
    Shifting Warm Up: Placement of the  "Magic X" on a student's hand and a demonstration of how "sliding on Magic X" is the first introduction to shifting.