VP Foundations

A sequential presentation of repertoire and exercises from the very first lesson through the Vivaldi g minor concerto
 Level A1: Beginning to Twinkle
Step 1: First Songs, Step 2: Ant Song, Step 3: GDG/DAD/AEA Pinky Pizzicato, Step 4: First Songs in A & E with the Bow, Step 5: Road Trip, Step 6: AEA with the bow, Step 7: E String Concerto, Step 8: Flower Song, Step 9: Monkey Song in A, Step 10: Boil Them Cabbage Down, Step 11: Hopping Song, Step 12: Jumping Monkey, Step 13: See Saw in A, Step 14: Twinkle Variation: Everybody Down Up, Step 15 Twinkle Theme, Home Concert Grand Finale, Collections
 Level A3: G major, low 2nd finger
Step 1: Blue Bells of Scotland in D, Step 2: Cripple Creek, Step 3: Fiddle Fidaddle, Step 4: Bohemian Folk Song, Step 5: Clair de la Lune, Step 6: Rigadoon, Step 7: Yankee Doodle with Variation, Step 8: Dance and Sing, Step 9: Rakes of Kildare, Step 10: Blue Bells of Scotland in G, Step 11: Minuet 1, Step 12: Arkansas Traveler, Step 13: Long, Long Ago in G, Step 14: Minuet in G, Step 15: All the Pretty Ponies, Step 16: Hunters Chorus, Level A3: Home Concert Grand Finale, Home Concert Grand Finale, A3 Collections
 Level A2: Folk Songs in A & D
Step 1: Hot Cross Buns, Step 2: Lightly Row, Step 3: Twinkle Variation, Down Easy Up Easy, Step 4: Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Step 5: French Folk Song, Step 6: Boil Them Cabbage, Mississippi Variation, Step 7: Clocks, Step 8: Leap Frog, Step 9: Long, Long Ago, Step 10: The Ground is All Frozen, Step 11: Can-Can, Step 12: Home Concert , A2 Collections
 Level A4: Low 1 & High 3 finger patterns
Scales, Skills and Drills, Step 1: Burleske