About ViolinPractice Method

ViolinPractice Method is a holistic, web-based violin method that integrates the development of technique and musicianship through a sequence of repertoire, videos and supporting materials. VP Pedagogy and VP Lesson Observation videos are included throughout. 

VP Foundation Levels, which take the student from the very first lesson to the early intermediate level, are a carefully constructed sequence of repertoire and activities that insures that young violinists will develop a comprehensive set of physical, aural and musical skills. Students play along with the step by step Guided Practice Videos which encourages them to practice longer with greater efficiency and better results.  

The daily routine includes: 

  • Warm Ups 
  • Skills and Drills 
  • Musicianship 
  • Look and Listen
  • Repertoire 
  • Performance Practice
  • Music Appreciation
  • Home Concert

Step A1, Beginning to Twinkle is now complete!

A total of 15 pieces including Ant Song, Flower Song, Monkey Song and See Saw.

We invite you to try Foundation Level A1.8, Flower Song, free of charge.

VP Intermediate and Advanced Stages group repertoire into levels without a stated sequence, allowing for the creation of a unique repertoire sequence for each student. VPM videos at these levels will include:

  • Repertoire: Practice strategies for specific sections of the standard repertoire.
  • Skill Development: Demonstrations and explanations of sequential skill development (shifting, vibrato, bow strokes, facility, etc.)
  • Musical Integration: Suggestions for integrating technical and musical concepts for holistic, musical practice.
  • Scales: Scale bowings to develop skills and musicianship.

Intermediate and Advanced Stages Examples

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