Phyllis Freeman

Article created: 02/22/2014

Phyllis Freeman is active as a teacher, performer,administrator and entrepreneur.  

Ms. Freeman started teaching in 1983.  In 1993 she founded and is currently the director of a school for strings, the Maryland Talent Education Center.  Ms. Freeman has also been a member of the violin/viola faculty at the Peabody Preparatory in Baltimore.  From 2002-2011 she developed and implemented a unique strings program at the first charter school in the state of Maryland.  At its height, approximately 45% of the student body was enrolled in this program.  Using a DVD series that she created, students were able to follow through on class instruction and practice effectively at home.  These DVD's layed the groundwork for

She is the author of many articles about teaching and her work has been published in ASTA and SAA publications.  She has also given presentations numerous times at the American String Teachers National Conferences.  

Ms. Freeman is also busy as a performer.  She currently holds the position of principal viola in the Maryland Symphony Orchestra and section viola in the National Philharmonic.  In addition, in fall 2019 she took on the position of Director of Education for National Philharmonic.  In response to the pandemic, she created a program called the "Lesson Bank" which provides weekly free private lessons to underserved students in Title 1 schools.